Student Housing

Students live in small flats in the Waterford City centre area. Normally there are two to four rooms per flat. There is a small refrigerator, oven, hob, sink, kettle, microwave, toaster, and basic utensils.

The bedrooms each have one bunk bed (sometimes two) and each student is provided one duvet with duvet cover, and one pillow with pillow case. Each student must bring or purchase their own towel and sheet(s) for a single / twin mattress. The kitchen has all of the necessary basic pots and pans, cutlery and dishes.

Each student is allotted grocery funds each week on Friday. By pooling their funds and scheduling shared meals the students not only enjoy learning the practical responsibility of taking care of themselves, but they also enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of having a “family meal” away from home.

It’s best for the students to receive mail at the School Office. Please address mail to students as follows:

Student Name

c/o CCBC Ireland

59 Lower Yellow Road

Waterford City

Co. Waterford


Study Time

Students are welcome to study in our school’s library most hours of the day and night. The library is typically open until 10:00pm each night of the week (except for weekends). We have a small but growing book selection and will soon have at least one school computer with Bible software available. We also have both desks and chairs as well as a couple of couches for a more relaxed read. Food is not allowed to be eaten in the library, but tea and coffee and other such drinks are allowed to keep the students refreshed while studying.

Free Time

With our intensive program there isn’t an abundance of free time, but enough for most students to squeeze in some sightseeing, hang out over coffee or tea, or gather together for impromptu worship time. Each semester generally has one week off for a break, during which most students will plan a short adventure to see some of the sites and sights that Ireland has to offer.

Local Church Involvement

Most of the students worship, fellowship, and actively participate in ministry with Calvary Waterford Christian Church, our school’s anchoring church. If a student has a connection with or calling to another local fellowship where they are equally “plugged in” then they are held accountable to that commitment. Otherwise all students are held accountable to committed Biblical fellowship, worship, and service with Calvary Waterford.

Most students develop sincere friendships with various people and families from the local body, often having a meal at their place, spending a holiday together, or just hanging out after services. This is consistently one of the most appreciated facets of our program by former students.


Various families and individuals from the local body volunteer to “adopt” a student each term. This “adoption” involves the family taking time to specifically get to know that student, pray for them, perhaps invite them over for a meal or other social event, or possibly plan some activity to involve them. Some families and individuals are more creative and active than others, but in general the idea is to have a point of contact in the body for the twelve weeks the student is here; somebody who is aware of and praying for the student on a regular basis.